Office Bearers 2009-2011




R Natarajan


S Pushpavanam

N Chandramohan

Vice President



Mohamed Ishaque

EC Member

K Lakshmanan

EC Member

K Sekar



EC Member

P Gunaseelan

EC Member

S Sridhar

EC Member

MG Mehboob



EC Member

Radhika Vijay

EC Member

Baby Durairaj

EC Member

T S Subramaniam




EC Member


EC Member


EC Member

R Prabhakar





EC Member

C T Selvakumar




What does this Council do?

..........Consumer Education


We educate the consumers on their rights and help them exercise their rights. The council meets monthly. We give Lectures, Radio talks, TV interviews press releases and articles in the press. We publish a bulletin now and then. With the help of an Overhead projector, we conduct rural consumer education camps.

..........Consumer Research


 On important issues, we conduct surveys and …………… 



Since we are members in several bodies, we lobby for solution to various consumer problems. We actively take part in the meetings of Civil Supply Commissioner, District Collector, Electricity Board, DC. Transport Corporation and in several bodies where we are invited. Besides, whenever necessary, we meet the district, state and Union Ministers and officials, MLPs and MLAs and promote consumer’s causes. 

..........Direct Action


Depending on the importance of issues, whenever need arises, we organize processions, agitations. We did so, to protest against petrol hike, superfast surcharge, bad roads etc.

..........Product Testing


We frequently test products/services on complaints and publish the results showing their quality/quantity. We have conducted tests to measure Toothpaste quantity, Battery quality, noise pollution and food adulteration. 

..........Legal Action


We resort to legal remedy for issues that could be solved only through legal action. We have filed cases demanding interest on deposits by gas consumers, and demanding norms for Superfast sur-charge. After the advent of Consumer Protection Act, we have filed several cases before the District Fora, State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission and National Commission. Priority in telephone connection for consumer organization and compensation for negligence by Railways have been obtained. 

..........Complaints Handling


We handle 300 complaints anually. We offer guidance and counsel to consumers in person and over telephone on redressing their grievances themselves.

Lakhs of rupees have been refunded to consumers and compensations paid, through the efforts of the Council.